The Woman in The Grass Skirt

The Grass Skirt by Jun Bara is now on Amazon !


Dear Uncle, I have reached Tahiti safely. I took a buggy to the DeMusset home. My duty will be to tutor her niece Theresa in English. Tahiti is lovely, and I will enjoy my stay. I hope that the family is well,

Your loving nephew, Oliver.

“Charmed, Madame,” I kissed the hand of Madame DeMusset.

“You are most welcome here, Oliver,” Madame said, with the trace of a smile.

“Hello,” her niece Theresa smiled broadly, extending her hand to me.

 “How was your trip?” Madame was an attractive French woman of middle years, with a lined face. She was a little plump, with dark hair and eyes.

“We made good time. The winds were favorable,” I replied. I had arrived in Tahiti yesterday, and came to the estate of the DeMusset family by buggy. I had been led to a small bungalow near the main house by a housekeeper, and helped to unpack. The bungalow had a large porch, a small kitchen, a bedroom and a setting room. The furniture in the bungalow was rattan and bamboo.

I had been offered the position of tutor by Madame DeMusset. I would tutor her niece, Theresa, in English and German.

“Would you like some wine?” Theresa gave me a glass, and asked me to take a chair on the veranda. Theresa had the dark hair of her aunt – she also had a full figure. “Where were you born, Oliver?” the young woman asked. I explained that I was from New York, with a degree from Yale. I had been recommended by the Dean at Yale for this position on Tahiti. I would tutor in English and German, and help with the correspondence. The DeMusset Pearl operation did a great deal of business with American and European firms.


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